Get A Vet provides full support through our veterinary recruitment services for a wide range of positions.

A quality team requires quality team members. From the receptionist greeting pet owners as they walk through the door to the veterinarians treating patients, there’s no such thing as an unimportant role.

Build Your Team

No matter what your needs are, our extensive network of veterinary professionals provides solutions for each and every one of your staffing needs.


Whether you’re looking for a permanent full time veterinarian to step into some big shoes or a part time relief vet to close important gaps in your practice’s capabilities, our veterinary recruitment team is here to help. We know veterinarians are not interchangeable and that the specific goals of a clinic or hospital make finding the right candidate a complex puzzle to be solved. We make sure you have the right pieces to put together the team of your dreams.


Finding specialists to fill a role can be even more complicated for a practice. With fewer potential candidates and higher stakes, it’s important to take all aspects of a future relationship into account. Our extended network includes specialists to fill any veterinary job.

Practice Manager

The success of a veterinary clinic or hospital rests on the quality of the management each team member receives. The right practice manager can meet the many important needs in your practice.

Vet Techs & Veterinary Assistants

Each person in your practice plays a vital role in your overall success. Finding skilled, experienced and reliable vet techs and veterinary assistants can make a major difference in how your practice functions.

Receptionists & Customer
Care Representatives

When a pet owner enters your practice, how do you want their experience to begin? When they’re checking out after an appointment, what do you want their lasting impression to reflect? Having a well-qualified receptionist or customer care representative can lead to a lasting positive impact on your practice’s reputation.

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