Our veterinary recruitment process all starts with an initial call with you to get an idea of the scope of your practice’s needs.

We’ll ask you a few questions about your practice

What position are you looking to fill?

Why has this position become available?

What have been the struggles so far in filling the position?

What kind of candidate are you looking for?

How many years of experience would you prefer in a candidate?

What types of procedures will the veterinary professional you hire need to perform?

What is your budget for their salary?

You can see how the answers to each of these questions will affect the types of candidates our team suggests to fill your veterinary job. The more information we start with, the better we’re able to shrink the pool of applicants to only those who are the ideal fit.

The next step is our active search for candidates to fill the position. This involves a rigorous look at the many veterinary professionals on our platform to match you with the best candidates. We’ll set up interviews with your own veterinary team for a select few so that you can take your time with the process. Once you’ve determined the best fit, Get A Vet will extend the offer to the candidate and negotiate agreeable terms. When the candidate accepts your offer, they’re ready to join your practice. It is only once you’ve successfully hired a candidate that we charge a fee for our veterinary recruitment services.

Want to learn more?

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