Get A Vet is a specialized veterinary recruitment agency and platform, connecting veterinary practices and veterinary professionals. Our mission is to ensure that candidates and employers each find their unique and perfect fit.

Saving Veterinary Practices Time

For employers in the veterinary field, working with us means access to over 10,000 veterinary professionals. When partnering with us, our recruitment team works to connect you with only the most qualified candidates for veterinary jobs. We know how difficult it can be to find the time in a busy animal hospital to carefully search for and screen the people you’ll be working side by side with for years to come. Within the competitive landscape of the veterinary field, active recruitment may be what your clinic needs. Work with our recruitment team to actively connect to our network of candidates.

Supporting Veterinary Professionals

For every candidate we help, we have a dedicated veterinary recruitment team working on your behalf. Unlike many recruiter models, we make the process free for veterinarians and professional candidates. Whether you’re just finishing your degree, looking for a change or trying to enhance your veterinary career, we’re here to help. Our relationships with animal hospitals and veterinary clinics across the country allow us to find opportunities that fit your needs. That includes work/life balance and options ranging from full time to part time to relief work.


We make sure resumes and applications from ideal candidates don’t get lost in the shuffle of a busy veterinary practice. Get A Vet sets up interviews between animal hospitals and veterinarians for employment opportunities, saving every party time and preventing mistakes that can cost you the perfect opportunity.

Matching the best with the best


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Are you a veterinarian, vet tech, or a vet clinic that would like to learn more about our relief staffing services?